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The "Teddy Bear Contest" is a children's book written by Ruth Mugridge Snodgrass and Illlustrated by Catherine Fithian features the Tuscarawas County Fair and 4-H children of Tuscaraswas County.

The Teddy Bear Contest"The Teddy Bear Contest" is for anyone who has ever had a favorite Teddy Bear.  Pictures in the book feature the Four-Way Barn, the Ferris Wheel and the Dairy Barn of the Tuscarawas County Fair. Join the 4-H children as the point the way to the Teddy Bear Contest!  We hope you enjoy looking at the teddy bears while you read the story. The book has 31 illustrations and is  9" x 11 1/2", hardbound book.                                        

Ruth sent a book to a friend in Japan and received the following email:     

"Hello! I received 'The Teddy Bear Contest'. What a lovely picture book it is! My wife Keiko and me are really amazed. Thank you very much for sending us.
The story written by you is very nice. Warm, kind, friendly, and hopeful. The setting, the Teddy Bear contest in the county fair is very interesting. While I read the story, I can imagine the scene and the atmosphere of the contest with joy of friendship. Because I went to the Allen County Fair with Mary and Matt last August,then I could see the 4H-Club contest with great surprise. And because we can see Matt himself as Mr Gibbons, the very handsome judge. The picture illustrated by Ms Catherine Fithian is also very nice. Beautiful, soft and very cute. I think it just fit your story. I really impressed the last scene of the book on page 28-29. The words "He's the BEST-LOVED BEAR!" and the pictures of the girl, especially her smile are excellent!! 
This book must be warm every heart of reader, and must encourage little person who think he or she is shy.
Thank you very much again for such the lovely book." See below for information on how to purchase this book.

The Magical Merry-Go-Round - Sold Out

The "Magical Merry-Go- Round" is a children's book written by Ruth Mugridge Snodgrass and illustrated by Ruth and Catherine Fithian. The book was the first to be developed by the collaboration of Ruth and Cathie.

The book was born out of a friendship that developed when Ruth signed up for Art Classes at my Navarre home studio. Ruth had written the poem in 1987, after being inspired by watching her nieces and nephews and daughter ride the Tuscora Park Merry-Go-Round.  Ruth's daughter, Mary, photographed a group of children at the park and soon we were composing, drawing and coloring what became a 28 page, 9" x 11 1/2", hardbound children's book. The book was printed by Gordon Printing of Strasburg, Ohio and on November 9, 2008, we held our first book signing at Tuscora Park.  

The Book celebrates the imagination of children as they ride the Merry-Go-Round. The pictures feature the carousel built in 1928 and located at Tuscora Park, New Philadelphia, Ohio and also the ticket taker of 35 years, Dave Miller.

"When I was little, I found a place, Where horses ran with endless grace. With saddles bight and touched with gold, What a spectacular sight to behold!" - from "The Magical Merry-Go-Round"

Books are signed by the Author and the Illustrator! Below is a picture of the front and back cover of the "The Magical Merry-Go-Round"

You can purchase a book by contacting us on the form above.  We will notify you by e-mail concerning where to send payment. The cost of "The Magical Merry-Go-Round" is $26.55 which includes shipping. The cost of "The Teddy Bear Contest" is $24.00, and includes shipping. A portion of the proceeds goes to support ALS Support Group of New Philadelphia, the 4-H Children of Tuscaraswas County or the United Methodist Youth Group.

Books are now available at McDonald Nikolaus Framing in Dover.

Limited copies are available of "The Magical Merry-Go-Round" (Sold out)